What’s your Social Media strategy?

HINT (and the good news): It doesn’t have to be complicated!

It doesn’t matter what industry analysis or media report you read these days, it’s quite obvious that the time that people are spending on social media is growing.  And growing…

*According to a new Nielsen report, social media’s growth connects people with just about everything they watch and buy.

Yet, many businesses have yet to venture into this new territory with their presence.  Many have ventured in, but with what I would call a cursory approach.  They may have a Facebook page and a Twitter account but these just continue to languish.   However, a few brave souls have done a lot more.  I can virtually guarantee that these businesses are reaping solid returns as a result, and that this is just the beginning of good things for them.

One reason that businesses hesitate is because they just don’t know what needs to be done. So, I thought I would piece together some ideas for your consumption and thought process so that you can potentially arrive at a strategy and plan for your business or financial institution.

Let’s begin with a basic premise –

Sooner or later, you have to create a presence on social networks.

If you disagree with this, you should probably stop reading now.

Now, I’m going to pretend that I am speaking to someone in the marketing department of a financial institution.  Important message to you:

Social media marketing is a journey, not an event.

You have to:

  1. Connect
  2. Engage
  3. Communicate
  4. Keep the Connection Alive

Here are some steps I would recommend that you take in order to begin to establish your social media presence.

There are numerous social networks available today for consideration. Your plan and strategy can start with one and then evolve.

So, let’s start with Facebook.

  • Why? Because they have 750 million users today and counting.
  • And you have to start somewhere….

So, here are steps you can take to create and establish your presence on Facebook:

  1. Create a compelling Facebook page (think of it as your website on Facebook)
  2. Attract Facebook users to your page
    • Use other marketing channels and Facebook sponsored ads to drive your customers there
    • Use interesting games and apps to draw and keep them
    • Get them to “like” you (games and apps help!)
    • Get them to share your page with their friends (leads!)
    • Get them to keep coming back (hint: Use games, offers, prizes)
  3. Use targeted marketing to create compelling offers
  4. Watch your leads and income grow!

There, that was not so complicated was it?  Of course, it was just an overview and the devil’s absolutely in the detail.

But the good news is that there are marketing agencies and consultants that offer all of the above services – no matter what size business you are, there will be one that fits your size, need, scope and scale.  Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to start looking into them.

BOTTOMLINE: It’s a huge missed opportunity if you are not investing in your social media presence now.