Websites are one of the best marketing tools any organization has at their disposal. In their most basic form, web pages can provide much needed information that visitors are looking for. However, effective web pages go much further than that. An enthusiastic and inventive marketer can use web pages to take a casual interest and turn it into a decision to buy—they can even create interest by introducing new ideas or helping a visitor to see how valuable your product or service might be for them. Ideally, the page will even give the visitor an option to take action, to take the next step or make the final purchase online.

However, website creation and design is a HUGE task that often has layers and layers of bureaucracy entwined in it. The marketing department often has to compete with other departments with regard to content and sometimes has very little influence. And once the website is built, the opportunities to change it are limited or non-existent. Because of this, landing pages are a must have for today’s savvy marketer.

Small and medium sized businesses are often saddled with websites that have too little or no relevant information on their websites—especially information relevant to current marketing efforts. Landing pages provide an easy way for the marketer to make attractive, branded pages so visitors can receive relevant up to date information.

Businesses of all sizes can use landing pages to get around the red tape involved with changes to the main website, so that even larger businesses can have online marketing efforts that are agile and responsive—something that every business needs to survive in today’s fast paced buying and purchasing world.

But how do you make effective landing pages?

The key to an effective landing page is to keep the marketing message compelling, short and focused and to include a call to action on the landing page—a signup for more information, an application, etc.

Using landing pages can help any marketer effectively convert online advertising into greater interest and closed deals. So, if you aren’t using landing pages yet, why not?