Five Keys to Craft Your Message

DeepTarget’s goal is to help financial institutions effectively and affordably engage with their customers using personalized and relevant messaging with digital marketing technology. To do this, we offer our comprehensive communication platform which intelligently sorts and filters your customers’ data to easily provide targeted and personalized offers to individuals through digital channels such as online […]

Targeted Look: Cascade Community Credit Union

252,647 Impressions = Impressive Campaign The Target: Marketing Manager Greg Holt and Marketing Coordinator Evie Tipton at Cascade Community Federal Credit Union in Roseburg, Oregon wanted to reach their approximately 40,000 members aged 18 to 45 to promote their affordable auto loans. The Delivery: These campaigns were powered by DeepTarget OLB and Mobile. Industry-leading DeepTarget OLB delivers personalized, targeted offers through online […]

Anatomy of an Ad

With warmer weather, green grass and blooming flowers, we know summer is quickly approaching. And with summer comes a whole new blitz of summer-oriented ads. With the warmth of summer come outdoor activities, family beach trips and summer vacations so, of course, it’s great for advertisements to capture that sunny spirit of summer. As new […]

Targeted Look: ELGA Credit Union

3,837,563 Impressions = Impressive Campaign The Target: ELGA Credit Union in Burton, MI wanted to reach their 69,000+ members in ten branches to encourage everyone to build their savings accounts and alert them of monthly prizes and a chance to win $5,000 each quarter. The Delivery: These campaigns were powered by DeepTarget OLB and Mobile, […]

The Benefits Of Offering A Broad Digital Experience

Success in the digital world is defined by more than just convenience. A recent article published by Charles Keenan discussed why consumers are flocking to digital channels. In it, Keenan makes some keen observations as to why consumers are flocking to digital channels, why convenience alone doesn’t equal digital success, and the need for an […]

Targeted Look: Y-12 Federal Credit Union

DeepTarget Targeted Look: Three top-performing campaigns from Y-12 Federal Credit Union: 1,478,493 Impressions = Impressive Campaigns The Target Marketing Specialist Nancy Brooks and Vice President of Marketing Amber Price at Y-12 Federal Credit Union in Oak Ridge, Tennessee wanted to reach their 116,000+ members during and after the holidays to communicate time-sensitive promotions. The Delivery These […]

It’s Your Lucky Day: Marketing That Increases Customer Service And Retention

Marketing is essential for financial institutions not just for generating leads, but for increasing profitability within the existing customer base. When faced with many products to promote, a large customer base, and a seemingly endless number of potential customers, it can be tempting to resort to mass marketing. However, mass marketing often results in non-specialized communication […]

Loving the Love Triangle of Data-Driven Communications

Loving the Love Triangle of Data-Driven Communications While a sticky situation for a romantic comedy or an interesting subplot for a teen novel, you may just love the love triangle that results from the smart segmentation, personalization and targeting of an automated and intelligent customer engagement and communications platform, sometimes also referred to as digital […]

How To Make (And Keep) A New Year’s Resolution For Your Financial Institution

More than a third of all resolutions made for the New Year fail before January. But, with the right planning, it doesn’t have to be yours! A successful resolution for your bank or credit union hinges on identifying the right goal for your organization, creating an actionable plan, and communicating the goal. Identify a goal […]

New Year But No New Marketing Plan?

New Year But No New Marketing Plans? If those twinkling lights and Christmas carols are a wake-up call that the year is almost over, you are not alone. Over 30% of businesses fail to create a marketing plan while a whopping 49% of businesses still don’t have a digital marketing strategy in place. While the [...]