Connect with Gen-X through a Giving Spirit this Holiday Season

Connect with Gen-X through a Giving Spirit this Holiday Season A generation is a group of people born within a similar span of time – 15 years at the upper end – who are of comparable age and life stage.  Each individual has their own unique personality so preferences are not uniform; however people who […]

Generational Marketing

3 Reasons to Begin Generational Marketing Today. Across all industries the adoption of marketing automation is growing at a rapid pace. On average, 51% of companies are using some form of marketing automation although levels of sophistication vary. Automated business intelligence technology makes menial tasks practical while providing valuable business analytics. But, is it necessary? […]

Tips For Retention!

Repeat After Me: RETENTION How are we retaining our Customers? Now Say: CUSTOMER LIFETIME VALUE Let those 3 words ring in your mind. What is the Lifetime Value of a Customer? CLV represents the total dollar amount that each customer is worth to your business. Now that we have established how important Retention is; let’s […]

Is Technology Moving Fast Enough?

Is computer technology moving fast enough? Almost universally the answer to this question is: Yes, absolutely! Technology is moving at an incredible pace – at the “speed of thought” some say. Moore’s Law (search the internet for “Moore’s Law” for more details), formulated in 1965 and updated in 1975, has been accurate for 50 years […]

How To Be a Master Gardener of Your Business

My father was known as the Tomato King in our county – his garden was immense (11 dozen tomato plants) for our family of four – and that was just the first planting.  I still cringe whenever I hear the sound of a handle hitting the side of a bucket as it brings back memories […]

Do It Yourself, But First Get Help!

I consider myself relatively independent.  I am not afraid to try something new, and if given the option, I prefer to do it myself: to learn about it on my own and try it out without somebody looking over my shoulder. That kind of attitude certainly has its advantages, such as getting things done at […]

Marketing Lessons from Bernie and The Donald

FDR used the radio to speak to a nation with his fireside chats.  John F. Kennedy took advantage of television to display his charm and good looks.  Barack Obama used the Internet to break down communication barriers and be accessible to minority groups and young voters often untouched by political campaigning.  Looking back, these strategies […]

How Social Are You, Anyway?

Seven Social Media Marketing Tips for Financial Institutions 1. Ignore social media at your peril Here are some statistics that will either excite you or scare you: There are now more than 2 billion active social media users worldwide and this is growing at an amazing annual pace of 25% Nine out of ten U.S. […]

5 Steps to Building a Better Organization with CLASS

Care – Because somebody has to. Show up. Be invested. Clean up after yourself. Clean up after someone else. Don’t settle. Act like it matters because it does (and if it doesn’t, move on to what does). Learn – The opportunities to improve yourself have never been greater, and the cost to do so has […]

The Mobile Juggernaut

In Case You Had Any Doubts Recent business headlines include one that is worth paying attention to: 80% OF FACEBOOK’S AD DOLLARS COME FROM MOBILE FACEBOOK’S MOBILE PUSH CONTINUES TO PAY OFF: THE COMPANY REPORTED $4.5 BILLION IN MOBILE AD REVENUE DURING ITS QUARTERLY EARNINGS CALL. How quickly things have changed for Facebook! As this […]